Black Kakutan

Black Kakutan

Type Qilin
Rarity Super Ultra Rare
User Shuga
First Appearance 7th Blaze

Black Kakutan, previously owned by Shuga, one of the four emperors of the "Qilin Realm". It's power enables the user to blend in with the shadows, and moving from one to another in a split second. The user can also produce pysical shadows, as shown in the fight between Kuroki with Shuga. it manifests as needles, or armour.


  • Shadow Needle: Shadows are gathered and physically shaped into a sharp needle. The needle is strong and used for piercing.
  • Shadow Armor: By connecting all the shadows on one's body, the user can create an adaptive armor while still retaining access to their offensive abilities.
  • Shadow Warp: The user can slip from one shadow to another for evasion or transportation.



  • If the sticker is removed, the user will completely fade from existence like a shadow.
  • It is the only Qilin Mysticker that does not have an everyday counterpart.
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