Ginga is an ex Guardian.



Daichi's older brother, who seems to be a rather cold person at the beginning, especially with his younger brother.


When they were little, their parents died from an accident and this left Daichi feeling guilty. He told them to buy something for him in a rush. Ever since that day, Ginga has been resentful towards Daichi. Ginga is the original owner of the mysticker God Stand Kandachi but gives it to Daichi. He is referred as the "The Remarkable Genius" by Kuroki in terms of Blazers. It is revealed he really did care for his brother and protected him, including when a group of blazers wanted Daichi on their side. Ginga tells Daichi that they were both blazers and after being severely injured, he is transported into another dimension. It is later shown that he is being held by the Qilin Realm

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