God Stand

Kandachi Mysticker

Kandachi Mysticker Blazer

Kanji 神立
Rōmaji Kandatsu
Translation God Stand
Type Element
Rarity Rare
User Ginga
First Appearance 1st Blaze

God Stand is a mysticker that allows the user to create and release electricity. The difference between this and the Electric Mysticker is that with Kandachi the user is able to release a limitless amount of electricity unlike the limited amount of the Electric Mysticker. To activate it the user must run their finger along lightning bolt design on the mysticker.

Blazers use this mysticker by running the current of electricity generated through a metal object, usually a wire.


  • Tamamayu + God Stand: By overlaying the Tamamayu Mysticker and God Stand it allows the electricity emitted to be better utilized in battles by transmitting it down the threads. Because of the threads the control of the electricity is increased because now it can be directed where to go rather than what is the best conductor around.