God Stand

Kandachi Mysticker

Kandachi Mysticker Blazer

Kanji 神立
Rōmaji Kandatsu
Translation God Stand
Type Element
Rarity Rare
User Ginga
First Appearance 1st Blaze

God Stand is a Mysticker which allows the user to generate electricity similarly to Electric Mysticker. The difference between the God Stand and Electric Mysticker is the former is capable of releasing endless amounts of electricity while the latter can only produce a set amount. Blazers often utilize his Mysticker by running the current generated through a metallic object or conductor, such as wire.


  • Tamamayu + God Stand: By overlaying Tamamayu with God Stand it allows the user to better control their electricity by transmitting it along the wires instead of needing to utilize nearby metal objects, enhancing the combat effectiveness of both Mystickers.



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