Mystickers are stickers that have special powers that can be placed on anything and anywhere, created by fourth dimension scientist Professor Yan. Mystickers are activated by first adhering them on a flat surface and tracing the patterns imprinted on the Mysticker with their fingers.

There are many different kinds of Mystickers though a large number of them possess some kind of elemental affinity; such as flame, ice, wind, electric, or light.


Blazers are a group of special people that are able to control the power of the Mystickers by sticking them onto their own bodies and manipulating their power. The strength of a Blazer comes from the power of the mind and concentration. If a Blazer has mastered those abilities, their powers will be at their maximum, and the sticker will be impossible to pull off by anyone other than the Blazer who is using the sticker. If the Blazer's mind is not concentrated, the Blazer will hurt himself and the sticker will easily peel off.

There are certain stickers that do not have any particular effect when used by normal people, but can be activated when used by a Blazer.


Type Obtainable Mysticker Effect
Fire Mysticker Element Common Fire Lv1 Creates a firing, burning or heating effect.
Ice Mysticker Element Common Ice Lv1 Creates freezing effect, frost and can be made into different forms such as ice spikes and claws.
Ice Mysticker 3 Element Unknown Ice Lv3 Creates a significant amount of ice.
Electric Mysticker Element Common Electric Creates electricity.
Light Mysticker Element Common Light Lv1 Creates a flashing light.
Pursuit Mysticker Other Unknown Pursuit Allows the person holding it to be tracked
God Stand Mysticker Element Rare God Stand When placed on the body it produces a limitless amount of electricity.
Multicure Mysticker Healing Common Multi-cure When placed on a person it heals them almost completely, even if the person is knocked out.
Recovery +50 Mysticker Healing Common Recovery+50 When placed on a person it will recover most non-fatal wounds.
Cannonball Mysticker Weapon Unknown Metal Ball Creates a metal ball, when the sticker is placed on the arm.
Valiant Weapon Unknown Valiant Transforms the arm in a hammer kind of weapon, that has brutal power on impact.
Weapon Common Wind Creates winds that can be controlled.
Weapon Unknown Aphrodite Creates roses that can be used in various situations.
Testarozza Mysticker Weapon Rare Testarossa Creates a large sword from the users hand that creates flames.
Bow Mysticker Weapon Rare Arrow When placed on the arm, it creates a bow that can shoot arrows.
Necromancer Weapon Rare Necromancer It creates a large black broad sword that has the ability to steal the evil souls of others.
Shape shift Rare Tiger Jack Transforms the user into a tiger-humanoid. Power and speed increased. 'Spike beast hear (Juugamou)' , enlarges the spikes on the back to eventually create a spiked ball.
Jade Cocoon Weapon Ultra Rare Tamamayu When placed on the arm, it transforms into a gauntlet that produces wires. It has very high potential.
Dimension Shift Mysticker Other Ultra rare Dimension Shift When placed on an object or person, it will be send to another dimension.
Weapon Rare/Ultra Rare Jimmy When placed on the arm, it creates an electric guitar. The attacks are based on the sound coming from the guitar. Also this special mysticker is the one to this point with the most abilities all from absorbing electricity to making a sound which can make the people affected into zombie like slaves.
Quilin Super Ultra Rare Black Kakutan One of the Qilin mystickers. It uses shadows to create spikes out of mediums (silver bead piercings) and can also travel through shadows if they are connected. The piercing mediums allow the user to also envelope themselves in a shadow armor.
Summon Rare Kabuki A Wind attribute mysticker that summons a swarm of mosquitoes that can be used for various purposes.
Summon Rare Tengoku A book mysticker that when activated summons a large square book (humorously mistaken by some to be a jack-in-the-box). The book is completely sentient and can talk. One of its abilities include documenting and analyzing mystickers after having consumed a part of their product. Another ability is that it allows its user to draw a replica of a sealed creature it has already documented and summon it; the more accurate the drawing, the more powerful the summoned picture will be.
Weapon Unknown Rock 'n' Rollcake A giant hammer-like mysticker; in truth, the mysticker is made up of two parts, the hammer-like roll and a large fork that is stabbed in the roll.
Support Unknown Drive A mysticker that when activated raises the user's speed greatly.
Shape Shift Rare Vicious Cat A shape-shifting mysticker that has three forms to it; the first two make the user look like a cat-human while the third form turns the user into a giant monster cat.
Support Unknown Blast Plus Causes an explosion to whatever it touches.
Support Unknown Danjuurou When added to the mysticker Kabuki, it allows the mosquitoes to combine into a single giant mosquito.
Support Unknown XY Increases physical strength.
Other Unknown Concentration Trainer Responds to the blazer's concentration power by emitting an aura. Used to help train a blazer's concentration control.
Support Unknown Electromagnetic Disrupts usage of communication devices.
Summon Unknown Visitor Summons a fast regenerating creature with tentacled, mouthed hands. The creature targets and absorbs any blazers near it for their mental strength. It is used by Qilin Realm leaders to feed the Qilin Mystickers.
Quilin Super Ultra Rare Crimson Enku this mysticker allows the user to create flames at will which are completely under the wearers control and grants an effect similar to that of a pheonix by transforming the wearers body in to pure flame as shown when sumiya escaped the threads of Tamayu and when Kaine took of Sumiya's head which thengrew back through fire
Weapon Unknown Gallatin Creates a white, broad sword. 'End of World': propels a person in a high velocity swing from Gallatin.
Summon Unknown Sleipnir Summons a white, winged unicorn that can transport people on its back.
Quilin Super Ultra Rare Blue Shokou Chills the users body to the point they can freeze objects with a touch, whenever the user creates this Ice it is said to last for ever and that only the flames of the Crimson Enku. shokou's user can also form ice construsts or icy blasts from the fog of their concentrated breath.
Shape Shift Experimental Wolf Jack An enhanced shape shift mysticker created by quuilin realm, the sticker is said to vastly improve upon a normal shape-shift type but has the sie effect of leaving the wearer partially transfromed even after the sticker's removal
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