Tamamayu Mysticker

Tamamayu Mysticker Blazer

Kanji 玉繭
Rōmaji Tamamayu
Translation Jade Cocoon
Type Weapon
Rarity Ultra Rare
User Daichi
First Appearance 4th Blaze

Tamamayu is mysticker that takes form of a gauntlet composed of numerous red wires. The wire-like threads produced are flexible yet durable that can be controlled as if they were alive. If used properly the threads can be weaved together into all kinds of shapes. It is a weapon with both offensive and defensive power.


  • Tamamayu + God Stand: By overlaying the Tamamayu Mysticker and God Stand it allows the electricity emitted to be better utilized in battles by transmitting it down the threads. Because of the threads the control of the electricity is increased because now it can be directed where to go rather than what is the best conductor around.



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