Type Summon
Rarity Rare
User Misora
First Appearance Blaze 8

Tengoku (Warden) is a summon type mysticker that has its own personality it can protect people or objects by hiding them in its mouth it is able to collect data on mystickers by swallowing them. He then can allow the user(of Tengoku) to unlock a seal of one of the Mystickers he has gathered data on but the user must draw an exact copy of the creature on the opposite page using a magic pen this takes time and concentration, you must also not lose focus or the creature will not come out.

A mysticker that takes the form of a giant sentient book with an eye on it. It can eat and analyze various objects in battle as well as determine their power levels. When you open the book it shows pictures of something on one side and an empty panel on the other. To use Tengoku you have to steadily release your spiritual energy while drawing the same picture you see on the other side then sign your name and Tengoku will summon that creature. The closer you get to resembling the picture the more powerful the summoning will be, and vice-versa.


  • It's one of the few Mystickers that showcases a degree of sentience. Although, it's the most articulate among them.
  • The user can partially summon whatever creature he/she draws in the book.
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